Top Texas Deep Sea Fishing Destinations

Deep sea fishing is a kind of fishing that requires the water depth should be at least 100 ft to be considered deep sea fishing area. If you have big dreams of catching the big fish, then Texas is the city where your dream comes true for deep sea fishing. With the 367 mile coastline, anglers worldwide come every year to have a one  of  a kind experience of Texas deep sea fishing, making it one of the best places for deep sea fishing in the United States. You’ll find massive Redfish and Speckled Trout and scores of seasoned captains.

There are numerous launchpads for fishing charters heading after deep sea game. From Galveston in the north, over to Freeport, Matagorda, Port O’Connor, then further south towards the praised fisheries off Rockport, Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island. 

The farther south you go, the closer the blue sea is. The offshore banks, reefs, and ledges are home to range of fish, from Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Marlin, Tuna and Amberjacks to Snapper and more. 

For ideas on where to go, see our list of the top places for deep sea fishing in Texas. Let’s explore!


1/ Port Aransas

Just over one million fishing licenses are sold in Texas each year, so with ours firmly in hand, we headed to a popular coastal spot: Port Aransas. It is a smaller town with lots of beaches. Since it is a beach town, there are lots of fishing tournaments. 

Heading out past the 40 miles mark where the continental shelf starts to plummet, the seafloor will drop to about 600 feet and then more, to as much as 1000 feet in a matter of miles. Here, you will find Sailfish and Blackfin Tuna.

And if you want to get to Billfish that live further out, you also explore the fisheries such as Bakers Rock, the Dumps, the East Breaks, or Colt, which lie between 60 and 80 miles from the mainland. You can see why these waters have some of the best deep sea fishing in Texas.


2/ Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a popular place for deep sea fishing. Redfish are one of the reasons that anglers come to Corpus Christi, which are common in September and October and have been caught over 40 inches. 

We also have some tips for you before going deep sea fishing in Texas

Texas deep sea fishing is available year – round. However, as these trips last long and take you far from the land, it’s best to head out from early spring until fall. April is already a good month to start exploring the deep waters and you can expect lucrative fishing until October.


3/ South Padre Island

It is a two – mile slip of land at the tip of Texas near Mexico known for its white sand and blue water. It’s an angler’s dream, with great deep – sea fishing as well as excellent coastline catches of Redfish and Trout in nearby Laguna Madre.

This is a deep – sea angler’s paradise, not just for the ability to target deeper waters faster, but because of the beach scene ambience. 

This area is the farthest point in Texas from which to head out for deep sea fishing, but it has opportunities that the other destinations do not. South Padre Island is a prime spot for anglers looking for Red snapper and other species. Deeper waters from South Padre Island produce larger species like Mahi – Mahi, Wahoo, Barracuda, Snapper, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Kingfish, Tarpon, Dorado and Tuna.


4/ Freeport

Taking an hour from Galveston is a small town of Freeport, which is another top departure point for deep sea fishing in Texas. 

It is in the Brazosport area, which consists of several small towns right on the Gulf Coast. 

Freeport is bordered by a wildlife refuge and the Gulf, so there are unique combinations of fish species to catch like Flounder, Red drum, Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Sheepshead. Species like red Snapper, Cobia, Shark and Kingfish can be caught within 10 miles offshore from Freeport.


5/ Rockport 

It is not as popular as other places but it is another option. The town is located more inland.

You can also head to much deeper waters for Tuna, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, and Swordfish.