Best Lakes In Michigan

We all know that Michigan is the only state situated on four of the five great lakes including Erie, Michigan, Huron and Superior.

It also has over 11,000 inland lakes. So, today we don’t count any great lakes in this list. We will list for you other lakes which give you various opportunities for catching fish. 

There are great fishing places throughout the state. No matter where you go in Michigan, you are always near a lake because Michigan has thousands of inland lakes, some glacial lakes and some man – made. 


1/ Muskegon Lake

It is located in the lower Peninsula at the mouth of the Muskegon River and has a healthy supply of Smallmouth bass, brown Trout, Lake Trout, Pike Northern, Rainbow and Salmon. Chinook Salmon fishing hits its peak in October when the water gets cooler.

When anglers want to approach this lake from all different areas, there are ramps in Jackson Hills, Muskegon State Park and North Muskegon.

2/ Union Lake 

It is located northwest of Detroit and Lake St. Clair in Oakland County. Anglers come here to catch walleye which are the best fish in all of Michigan. Besides walleye, you can also hook panfish and smallmouth Bass.

3/ Cass Lake

Cass Lake  is the  deepest lake in Oakland County, it offers a wide variety of fishing species and quality fish. Angler fishing in Cass lake can expect to see various species of fish such as :  perch, northern pike, smallmouth bass, walleye, and crappie.

4/ Lake Leelanau

Lake Leelanau is one of the largest inland fisheries in the state, it connects in the northwest to the Leland river, which runs for 1,6 km to Lake Michigan. There are two sections that make up Lake Leelanau, South one is larger and North part is smaller. 

 It is the best inland lake for walleye fishing and also offers excellent Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Perch, Pink Northern.

5/ Burt Lake

Burt Lake is not only close to other inland lakes like Douglas Lake, Mullet Lake, it is also near Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Anglers from the upper peninsula can be reasonably accessible on this lake.

 It is the 4th biggest lake in Michigan,there are 5 fish species targeted in  Lake Burt you catch : Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Salmon Chinook, Lake Trout, and Salmon Coho. Lake Trout fishing in Burt varies moderately throughout the year and high season is June to September. 

Besides, Fishers in these waters can expect to find Bass, including largemouth and smallmouth, walleye and perch. When winter comes, when the lake freezes, you can catch fish on the safe ice.  

6/ Hubbard Lake

Do you know Hubbard Lake is naturally populated through reproduction so it is definitely a great lake to fish? It is a popular destination for summer angling as well as winter ice fishing.

The lake offers excellent fishing for numerous species like smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Trout, Tiger muskie, walleye and northern pike are known to be well in Hubbard Lake. But the most popular fish in this lake is Perch.

7/ Lake St. Clair

The lake provides a premium outdoor leisure facility and fishing is one of the popular activities enjoyed on the lake. 

Although it is smaller than its neighboring lakes, it is located in the heart of the Great Lakes. You will see that Walleye, Musky and Bass are at the top of anglers's list. This lake is known for its world class bass fishing. But, other species like Catfish, Perch and Northern Pike are numerous as well.

 Lake St. Clair is a freshwater lake. The lake is renowned as a quality fishing location and is easily accessible from nearby Detroit only 6 miles away. Are you ready to wear fishing shirts and take a trip to explore one of the best freshwater lakes in this part of the world? 

8/ Lake Charlevoix

Lake Charlevoix offers amazing locations for fishing in Northern Michigan. Especially, anglers don’t have to pay a fee to fish and they can fish from a boat in the lake or from shore fishing. Doesn't matter where fishers are angling, they can catch plenty of species like Crappie, Bass, and Bluegill.

There are many other types of fish you can catch in lakes in Michigan: Coho Salmon, Lake Trout, Catfish, Northern Pike, Whitefish.

9/ Houghton Lake

This is the biggest inland lake in Michigan, Houghton has all species which are popular in northern Michigan from Lake Trout, Perch, Crappie, Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, you can find easily in the lake which has 22,999 acres.