About Us

Who we are

Our business started from the love of nature and art. We are originally a team from Alaska of like-minded people, who share an interest in fishing. In 2019, we decided to move to San Francisco with the aim of launching works designed on our own into the market and becoming a part of the fishing community.

Until now, our store has provided all kinds of shirts that you might need for your fishing activities. Whenever you want to find clothes for your trip, just stop thinking and come to take a look at our shop listings, we have various types and styles of shirts that would definitely meet your expectations!

Guess! What awaits you at FishingAmz?

We offer all kinds of T-shirts which relate to fishing. From long sleeves, and hoodies, to T-shirts and Sweatshirts for both men and women. Whether you prefer a laid-back style, a fisherman's style, or you want to protect your skin from UV rays, the cold, etc. here we always have options for you.

You can completely trust our product materials, they are stretchy, and sweat absorbent will make you always in the most confident state with your passion for fishing.

Besides, we also have canvas, and blankets and accessories such as hats, shoes for our beloved customers. All you just have is the love of fishing, everything left is on us.

What makes us special?

Personalizing your product as required, you can have fishing shirts with your name printed on them. Not only that, you can completely bring them to your loved ones as meaningful gifts on special occasions. Everyone will be amazed by the impressive look of the products which you put on.

Furthermore, we offer jerseys to fishing teams and fishing clubs. We can completely customize the logo and name on the product to make your team stand out from the crowd as soon as you appear.

Enthusiastis Customer Support Team

Do you want to personalize your product? Would you like your name to appear on your fishing shirt to make it stand out? Use our POD service! Don't forget to enter your name in the blank when you place your order, we will print it to your request and ship it to you! We always use reputable printing technologies, so you can be assured of the quality of the ink!