Ice Fishing In Alaska

Ice fishing is an amazing way to enjoy Alaska winter. Especially, anglers from northern places, they love fishing and want to battle the winter. Fishing time begins in late November and runs through March or the beginning of April with more than 180 stocked lakes in south central Alaska. 

They put up a tent, drill a hole in the ice and wait for the fish under the ice to seek the bait in the cold water. 

Winter traps some King and Silver Salmon under ice as well as Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, and Arctic Grayling. 

Some hot spots for ice fishing Fairbanks

1/ Quartz Lake

From Fairbanks at about 90 miles so Quartz Lake is a two – hour drive farther down the road from Fairbanks. The lake is mid – size at about 1500 acres of surface and a maximum depth of about 40 feet, but the majority of the lake is less than 20 feet deep. 

It has a healthy population of other stocked fish. Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Coho Salmon and Chinook Salmon all live in this water.

2/ Birch Lake

Good amounts of Rainbow Trout, Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Arctic Char and the inclusion of lesser available arctic grayling. A various of fish make this a great spot for novice ice fishers. If anglers want to find best fishing holes, they definitely look for the clusters of huts. 

3/ Harding Lake 

It is located only about 45 miles from Fairbanks. The lake has 2,5 mile distance across and reaches depths of 145 feet. People come here to catch Arctic Char and Lake Trout. 

4/ Fairbanks

It is the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska. And temperatures drop dramatically in late October. When you feel excited about pulling rainbow Trout from the water, you don't actually feel the cold. Ice fishing Fairbanks season starts in late November and it is best through mid – January.

5/ Anchorage – area lakes 

The ice thickness on lakes is regularly monitored and reported by Parks and Recreation. 

Great lakes for ice fishing include : Jewel Lake, Mirror Lake, Beach Lake… in the south central area. 

+ Beach Lake: A 30 – minute drive north of downtown Anchorage. Best fished from a canoe or inflatable raft. There are plenty of Rainbow Trout for fishing. Some species of fish to catch: Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, landlocked Salmon.

+ Jewel Lake: This lake is stocked with Coho Salmon and Rainbow Trout. You can ice fishing from December through March on the lake. Early each February, family turnout for the Jewel Lake ice fishing Jamboree in the Southwest part of the city. 

 + Mirror Lake: The lake is near the northern edge of the municipality. Try ice fishing in winter for a fantastic day fishing trip in Alaska. 

Mat – su valley

It is called “ Stillwater fishing capital of Alaska ''. The Matanuska – Susitna Valley is home to an abundance of roadside lakes. There are more than 80 lakes, which are annually stocked with landlocked Salmon, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char and Rainbow Trout.

Some tips when you go ice fishing in Alaska

+ The use of live bait in freshwaters of Alaska is prohibited.

+ The main component to keep in mind when preparing to go ice fishing is personal safety

+ Once there is more than 5 inches of ice on a lake, it should be ready for foot traffic, but always check conditions before venturing out.

+ When it comes to preparing to go ice fishing, there are a few obvious factors that should be considered before hitting the ice:  weather, the cold and dress appropriately. Here are our winter fishing clothes, which make sure warm your body up in winter in Alaska. 

+ The season ends in late March, so be careful with thin ice as spring progresses.