Fishing In Mobile Alabama

Fishing in Mobile, Alabama is an unbeatable adventure. Mobile has the unique fishing point of being located right near 3 of the hottest fishing grounds in the Heart of Dixie : Mobile – Tensaw River Delta in the north, the bountiful waters of Mobile Bay and the mighty Gulf of Mexico.

Anglers will explore some famous fish species in the world there. 

Whether fishers are looking for the trophy fish tournament or just want to hook some huge species and enjoy the time with friends, family. You will find all here, in Mobile Alabama.

What can I catch in Mobile, Alabama?


Redfish are the most hooked fish in Mobile. Because not only they are inhabitant of Mobile Bay, and the Mobile – Tensaw River Delta, but also anglers like to have a tough battle inshore with them, so let go to Mobile during the summer months. This is the time your rod tackle will be bended by the Red fish. Using light tackle, it will be helpful for you to catch at least one Redfish in your bucket fish and you will be able to feel the pull of fish at the end of your line. It is amazing! It is not only about catching fish, it is also about how we fight them every second and enjoy a Redfish battle in Mobile.

Speckled Trout

You want to have a good start and it will give you more inspiration or more confidence in yourself so Speckled Trout is an amazing target you should use your line first for.

The delicious taste of Speckled Trout will make you feel proud in front of your family. Is it interesting to go on a Mobile fishing trip now?

In Mobile Bay and the brackish waters of the Mobile – Tensaw River Delta, these fish are not difficult to see. The high season is from April to September, especially in the summer months, there are plentiful Speckled Trout fishing come to this area.


In Mobile, local people usually say “The Big Three ''. It is not called about huge fish in the deep sea. It is about nice fish to hook, and they have home in Mobile. We talked about Speckled Trout and Redfish, and the last insert needed to fill full is Flounder. They are a staple dinner menu option throughout Mobile. You will find them in Mobile Bay and the Delta where they lurk along the bottom of shallow fisheries. 

Are you willing to spend more time with us to go further the Mobile, the more and bigger fish you will see? If you want to hook bigger fish, you should explore the deeper waters of Bay like the Gulf

Grouper and Snapper

Big Snapper and Grouper species swim around the area’s reefs and wrecks. Lane and Vermillion Snapper lurk around the reefs which are also home of Gag, Red and Scamp Grouper.

You will always see Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead, Cobia and Tripletail and can hold them on your hand 

Where are the best places to go fishing in Mobile, Alabama?

Now, we all know Mobile is a hot spot to go fishing. We just need to know more detailed information. We will give you now, below her.

Meaher State Park is located at the northern end of Mobile Bay and it has a 300 - inch pier where anglers can catch Redfish, Speckled Trout and other inshore fish. The fee is only $2, it is worth it for us to catch two waters: Mobile Bay and the Mobile – Tensaw River Delta.

The Barrier islands is more closer to the reefs and wrecks that are home of Snapper and Grouper. Heading out onto the Gulf and you will have a fantastic departure.

Fairhope Municipal Pier is opposite the city of Mobile. It is over one thousand feet in length and anglers definitely catch good fish in the deeper parts of Mobile Bay.

Gulf State Park Pier is a place you can catch Flounder, Sheepshead, Mackerel and Cobia.

Arlington Park is a quieter place than other destinations. If you just want to enjoy the feeling around the water, look at a nice sunset in peace so this is suitable for you. You may catch Trout and have a nice dinner with your family.