Michigan Fishing License

Regulations are put in place to keep the healthy fish populations. In the future, the regulations may be revised to suit the fishing conditions at that time. So anglers must read the rules and regulations and strictly obey them on the fishing trips.

Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes and long miles of coastline the state, you can explore this wonderful water by yourself. Before that, you need to know what requirements you secure when going fishing in Michigan. This article will explain everything that you need to know about Michigan fishing licenses and fishing regulations. With this information, you will enjoy your fishing trip without getting any problems with Michigan’s law.

Who is required a Michigan Fishing License?

Whether you are on your own to go fishing on the Great Lakes, or on a fishing charter to go fishing on smaller lakes, you are over 17 years old, so you need to buy a fishing license.  With the fishing license , you can go fishing in any freshwater around the state.

Exceptions to Michigan Fishing License

Children age 16 and under.

Michigan residents in active duty in the military services.

Resident veterans who are unemployable due to disability.

Non – resident military personnel stationed in Michigan.

Registered blind residents.

Where can I buy the Fishing license?

1/ You can buy it online by visiting the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website.

2/ Or an outdoor sporting goods retailer or a tackle shop in the area.

When purchasing your license as a resident, you need to present the following requirements:

A valid Michigan Driver’s License.

A valid Michigan ID Card ( issued by the Secretary of State).

A DNR Sportcard ( issued by license dealers).

Michigan Fishing License cost

License Type


DNR Sportcard


Resident Annual


Nonresident Annual


Senior Annual 


24 – hour ( resident or Nonresident)


72 – hour ( Resident or Nonresident)


All non – residents also need to buy a $1 Sportcard to go with the license.

24 – hour licenses are valid for that time period. You can choose which date you would like it to be valid and it will remain valid for 24 hours after that.

In case, you lose the license, you should contact to ask a help on 517 – 284 – 6057. They will help you get back on the water immediately.

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