Saltwater Fish Of North Carolina

Fish in North Carolina

North Carolina is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States. Most of the state falls in the humid subtropical climate zone.

With easy access to the Atlantic Ocean, a coastal fishery bring this state an impressive saltwater action and it is easy to say "North Carolina has one of the top fisheries in the eastern seaboard"


Redfish are the most popular inshore and nearshore game in the US, especially in North Carolina it is a symbol of the state. There is abundant Redfish in Atlantic waters and Anglers can realize them easily due to their collective bronze reflection which gives the waters above a pinkish hue. Redfish fishing is excellent in all over coastal waters – flats, sounds, bays and around offshore reefs, wrecks.

Redfish fishing in North Carolina doesn’t vary throughout the year, and all year is high season.


Flounder fishing in North Carolina should be looked at. There are 3 types of Flounder in North Carolina waters : Southern, Summer and Gulf Flounder.  The Southern live close to shore, so they are the most targeted by anglers. As its name, Gulf Flounder, they mostly live offshore, and they are the smallest of Flounders.

They often stay in deeper waters during the day and come close to shore at night when Flounder feed in the shallow which is a great chance to fill full angler’s bucket of fish 

Fishers can hook Flounder in winter, all you need to do is focus on the local reefs. 

Flounder fishing in North Carolina is a nice experience you should try when you have a fishing trip there. 


King and Spanish Mackerel are the most carefully caught saltwater species in the state, available all year but the best time to target them is from June to August.

Spanish Mackerel are more delicious and more interesting to angling even though they are smaller than Kings. Spanish Mackerel migrate towards North Carolina along the Atlantic coastline during summers, and return to those waters in falls. 

You are just a beginner in this outdoor sport or your children join the fishing trip with you. These fish are the perfect prey for them to practice their line on the waters. Get ready for it! 


If anglers want to fill their boats with delicious fish, North Carolina Cobia fishing is a perfect thing to do and they will have tough battles because this powerful species can weigh dozens of pounds. 

All of North Carolina’s coast is geared up for fishing. Anglers can hook them anywhere in this state, Cobia inhabit in water up to 3 miles out. High season is May to July. Low season is January to February and November to December.


Summer is the best time for catching Sailfish and Marlin which are in the neighborhood. Fishing Sailfish is on fire from June to September. Anglers can see them with big number as close as 20 miles offshore. They are fast, flexible… all good points in a game fish you need.

Atlantic Sailfish are smaller than Pacific Sailfish in lengths and weights and these fish live in tropical and subtropical zones, so anglers can see them many during the warmest months. Their spawn also happens in the summer, so peak season to catch Sailfish is from July to September. 

All anglers release Sailfish after catching them due to high levels of mercury in their meat. In North Carolina, one angler can practice tag only one Sailfish which is must be over 63’’ size. 


The further you go, the more fish you have.  There are many types of Marlin like Black, Blue, Striped and White. In the ocean of North Carolina, we will talk about Blue Marlin and White Marlin. 

When a Blue Marlin is being hooked, they fight strongly and aggressively by shaking their head from this side to that side and performing really impressive acrobatic stunts. They are desirable targets for anglers who like to have tough challenges. 

The peak season for catching Marlin in North Carolina is from June to September when the weather is warm.  Go for the offshore Grand Slam which includes White Marlin, Blue Marlin and Sailfish in one fishing a day!


Whether it’s Bluefin, Blackfin or Yellowfin you are waiting for, they all show up in the waters of North Carolina. Tuna fishing is definitely a great place for anglers to prepare their lines. The Gulf Stream near North Carolina brings that Tuna Fishing will be an amazing thing every angler should go all along the North Carolina coastline.

Yellowfins are one of the favorite fish in spring and Blackfins are smaller one but also an enjoyable fish to catch. 

Tuna fishing in North Carolina is very wonderful and we just introduce a little bit that Tuna is a great saltwater fish and you need to think about it when you have a fishing trip in North Carolina. We will have one more detailed article to talk about this amazing fish. 

If you want to see, catch and have them on your line, you need to be more patient by starting.

You don’t only see some fish I listed above, you also have a great opportunity to see Mahi Mahi, Tarpon, Amberjack and more….