Best Fishing Shirts for Men & Women in 2024, Tested and Reviewed

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    Find the Best Fishing Shirt in 2024 for your fishing trips with help from our in-depth and unbiased ratings and reviews.

    Finding the best fishing shirt can be as challenging as choosing the right bait for the big catch. With so many options available, it is critical to have a comprehensive guide to assist you in your search for the best fishing apparel. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or a casual weekend fighter, your fishing shirt is more than just a piece of clothing; it's your sun protection, a barrier against biting insects, and an essential component of staying comfortable and focused. 

    In this comprehensive guide, we strive to find the best fishing shirts of 2024, ensuring that you're outfitted for your adventures on the water. We have thoroughly tested and reviewed many kinds of high-quality fishing shirts for both men and women, providing you with insights and recommendations that meet what you need. Continue reading to find out which shirts we recommend and why.

    Best Fishing Shirts For Men Reviewed In The Market 

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    Navigating the world of fishing apparel for men requires an understanding of what sets the best fishing shirts apart. Key features to look out for include:

    • UV Protection: Select shirts with a high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) to shield your skin from harmful sun rays.
    • Moisture Wicking: The best fishing shirts should keep you dry by pulling moisture away from your skin and allowing it to evaporate quickly.
    • Lightweight and Breathable: Comfort is essential, especially for long days on the water. Look for shirts that are lightweight and made from breathable materials.
    • Insect Repellent: Many fishing shirts now come with insect repellent treatments that can be a game-changer, especially in mosquito-heavy areas.

    #8 BALEAF Men's Sun Protection Shirts UV SPF UPF 50+ Long Sleeve Rash Guard Fishing Running Quick Dry Lightweight

    Overview: Embrace the outdoors with the BALEAF Men's Sun Protection Shirts. Engineered for the active man, this UPF 50+ long sleeve rash guard is perfect for fishing, running, and any sun-drenched activity. It blends high-level sun protection with lightweight comfort, ensuring you stay safe and comfortable under the sun.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Ultimate Sun Protection: With a UPF 50+ rating, it blocks out harmful UV rays, keeping your skin safe during prolonged outdoor activities.
    • Lightweight Comfort: The fabric is light and airy, ensuring you remain cool and dry, even on the hottest days.
    • Quick-Drying: Ideal for water sports or sweaty activities, it dries rapidly to maintain comfort.
    • Versatility: Stylish and functional, it can be worn for various outdoor activities or casually, fitting seamlessly into your active lifestyle.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: The shirt is highly functional, but some users may find it too snug or prefer more color options. Checking the size chart and color availability before purchasing is recommended.
    Price Range: 20$-30$

    #7 Men's Cb Rashguard UPF 50+ Swim Shirts (Regular & Extended Sizes)

    Overview: The Men's CB Rashguard is your go-to swim shirt for ultimate sun protection. Offering UPF 50+ protection, it is designed to meet the needs of swimmers and beachgoers of all sizes. Its inclusion of both regular and extended sizes ensures that every man can find his perfect fit.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Broad Spectrum UV Protection: Its UPF 50+ rating means you're shielded from the sun's harmful rays.
    • Inclusive Sizing: Available in a wide range of sizes, catering to virtually any body type.
    • Comfortable Wear: The fabric is soft and stretchable, offering a comfortable fit without restricting movement.
    • Durable Design: Made to withstand chlorinated and salt water, it's ideal for both pool and ocean use.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: While it's designed to suit a broad audience, some may find the shirt's style too simplistic or desire more vibrant color options.
    Price Range: 17$-25$

    #6 Roadbox Mens UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Shirts Outdoor Long Sleeve SPF

    Overview: The Roadbox Mens UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Shirt is a testament to functional fashion. Designed for the great outdoors, this long sleeve SPF shirt offers exceptional protection against the sun, making it ideal for hiking, fishing, or any outdoor adventure.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Superior UV Protection: With a UPF 50+ rating, it effectively blocks harmful UV radiation.
    • Breathability: The fabric is engineered to allow maximum breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable.
    • Moisture-Wicking: It pulls sweat away from your body, ensuring you stay dry during active use.
    • Flexibility: The material stretches for unrestricted movement, enhancing your outdoor performance.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: Some users may find the shirt's fit too loose or tight, highlighting the importance of accurate sizing before purchase.
    Price Range: 20$-30$

    #5 Willit Men's UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt Long Sleeve Rash Guard Fishing SPF Outdoor UV

    Overview: Step outside and tackle any adventure with the Willit Men's UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt. This long sleeve rash guard is designed for the outdoor enthusiast who demands both protection and performance. Its hooded design adds an extra layer of sun defense, making it ideal for fishing, hiking, or any sun-intensive activity.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Comprehensive Sun Protection: Offers UPF 50+ protection, shielding you from over 98% of harmful UV rays.
    • Hooded Design: Provides additional coverage for your neck and head.
    • Comfort and Mobility: The fabric is lightweight and stretchable, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement.
    • Quick-Drying: Keeps you dry and comfortable, whether you're in the water or sweating on land.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: The hooded design may not be preferred by all users, and some might seek a wider variety of colors.
    Price Range: 22$-35$

    #4 Columbia Men's PFG Terminal Tackle Hoodie

    Overview: The Columbia Men's PFG Terminal Tackle Hoodie stands out for its commitment to protection and performance. This hoodie is specifically designed for anglers, offering UPF 50+ sun protection and a comfortable, breathable fabric that keeps you cool on the hottest days by the water.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Angler-Focused Design: Tailored for fishing, it provides functionality and ease of movement.
    • High-Level Sun Protection: Its UPF 50+ rating ensures excellent protection against harmful UV rays.
    • Moisture-Wicking Technology: Keeps you dry by effectively managing sweat.
    • Durable: Built to last, even in harsh marine environments.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: Some may find the fit to be either too loose or too tight, and the color choices may be limited for those looking for specific hues.
    Price Range: 30$-45$

    #3 Roadbox UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts for Men Long Sleeve UV Sun Protection Hoodie with Mask/Non-Mask

    Overview: The Roadbox UPF 50+ Fishing Shirt is a versatile and innovative solution for sun protection. Available with or without a face mask, this long sleeve UV sun protection hoodie is designed for anglers and outdoor adventurers who take their sun safety seriously.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Versatile Protection: Choose between a built-in mask for full face protection or a standard hoodie for neck and head coverage.
    • UPF 50+ Rating: Blocks out over 98% of harmful UV radiation.
    • Breathable Fabric: Ensures you remain cool, dry, and comfortable in hot conditions.
    • Flexibility: The stretchable material allows for full range of motion, enhancing your outdoor experience.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: The built-in mask version might not be comfortable for all users, and sizing accuracy is crucial for a proper fit.
    Price Range: 33$-45$

    #2 BALEAF Men's Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt UPF 50+ Long Sleeve UV SPF T-Shirts with Mask Rash Guard Fishing Lightweight

    Overview: The BALEAF Men's Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt is the ultimate ally for your outdoor adventures. Featuring UPF 50+ protection and a lightweight design, this long sleeve UV SPF t-shirt comes with a mask, offering extended coverage for those seeking extra protection.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Integrated Mask: Provides additional protection for your face against the sun.
    • Lightweight and Breathable: Keeps you cool and comfortable, even in direct sunlight.
    • UPF 50+ Protection: Shields your skin from harmful UV rays.
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for fishing, hiking, or any outdoor activity where sun protection is paramount.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: The inclusion of a mask may not be preferred by all users, and attention to sizing is necessary to ensure a comfortable fit.
    Price Range: 30$-35$

    #1 Mens Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts UPF 50+ UV Protection Sun Shirts Quick Drying Hiking Lightweight

    Overview: Discover the ultimate in sun protection with the Men's Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts UPF 50+ UV Protection. Designed for the avid fisherman and outdoor adventurer, this lightweight and quick-drying shirt is a staple for anyone serious about sun safety.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Premium UV Protection: With a UPF 50+ rating, it offers superior protection against the sun.
    • Quick-Drying Fabric: Ideal for water-based activities or sweaty adventures, it keeps you dry and comfortable.
    • Lightweight Design: Ensures you stay cool and agile, enhancing your outdoor experience.
    • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, making it a reliable choice for any adventure.
    Limitations and Disadvantages: The shirt's style and fit may not appeal to all, and selecting the right size is crucial for optimal comfort.
    Price Range: 35$-40$

      Best Fishing Shirts For Women Reviewed In The Market 

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      When it comes to women fishing shirts, functionality is no longer exclusive to men's fishing apparel. For women, it's all about finding a shirt that not only performs but also fits and flatters.

      • Fit and Style: A good fishing shirt should provide a comfortable and flattering fit without compromising on functionality.
      • Versatility: Look for shirts that can be easily transitioned from the boat to a casual day out with friends.
      • Durability: A shirt that can withstand the rigors of fishing and outdoor activities is a must-have.

      #8 BALEAF Women's UPF 50+ Sun Shirts Long Sleeve UV Protection Rash Guard Lightweight Quick Dry SPF Hiking Tops Outdoor

      Overview: Discover the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures with the BALEAF Women's UPF 50+ Sun Shirt. Crafted for the active woman, this lightweight, quick-drying rash guard is your shield against the sun’s rays, offering both protection and style in the great outdoors.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Ultimate Sun Protection: Boasting a UPF 50+ rating, this shirt protects your skin from harmful UV rays during any outdoor activity.
      • Lightweight and Breathable: Designed with comfort in mind, its lightweight fabric ensures breathability and keeps you cool under the sun.
      • Quick-Drying: Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or enjoying water sports, the quick-dry technology keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
      • Versatile Style: Available in a variety of colors, its sleek design makes it a stylish addition to your outdoor wardrobe, suitable for various occasions.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: The shirt’s lightweight fabric, while advantageous for breathability and cooling, may not be as durable as thicker alternatives, requiring careful handling to ensure longevity.
      Price Range: 20$-35$

      #7 TBMPOY Womens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt Long Sleeve Fishing Hiking Outdoor UV Shirt Lightweight

      Overview: Embrace the sun safely with the TBMPOY Women's UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt. Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, this long sleeve hoodie shirt combines function with fashion, ensuring you stay protected, comfortable, and stylish on any adventure.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Superior UV Protection: With a UPF 50+ rating, enjoy maximum protection against the sun’s harmful rays.
      • Comfort and Mobility: The soft, lightweight fabric offers a comfortable fit while ensuring freedom of movement for all activities.
      • Hooded Design: Provides extra protection for your neck and head without the need for additional accessories.
      • Versatile Use: Perfect for fishing, hiking, or casual outdoor wear, its stylish design and practicality make it a must-have in your wardrobe.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: Some users may find the hoodie style less versatile for layering under other garments, especially in warmer climates.
      Price Range: 30$-45$

      #6 BASSDASH Women’s UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection T-Shirt Long Sleeve Fishing Hiking Performance Shirts 

      Overview: Gear up with the BASSDASH Women's UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection T-Shirt. Designed for the avid adventurer, this long sleeve performance shirt is your ally against the elements, blending unparalleled sun protection with advanced fabric technology for the ultimate outdoor experience.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Optimal UV Protection: Featuring a UPF 50+ rating, it shields your skin from damaging UV rays effectively.
      • Performance Fabric: Engineered for comfort, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry, enhancing your performance.
      • Durable and Flexible: Tailored for the active lifestyle, its durable construction withstands the rigors of outdoor activities without compromising on flexibility.
      • Fashionable Fit: Combines functionality with a flattering fit, ensuring you look good while staying protected outdoors.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: The shirt’s specialized performance fabric may require specific care instructions to maintain its functionality and appearance over time.
      Price Range: 23$-35$

      #5 Ewedoos Rash Guard Women, Sun Protection Clothing SPF Shirts for Women UPF 50+ Swim Tops

      Overview: Step into the sun with confidence with the Ewedoos Rash Guard for Women. Designed for those who love to live and play outdoors, this UPF 50+ Swim Top combines style with functionality, providing you with the ultimate sun protection without sacrificing comfort or fashion.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Sun Protection: With a UPF 50+ rating, you're shielded from the harmful UV rays all day long.
      • Comfortable Fit: Crafted from soft, stretchable fabric, it offers a snug yet flexible fit, allowing unrestricted movement.
      • Quick-Drying: Ideal for water activities, this shirt dries quickly, keeping you comfortable both in and out of the water.
      • Versatile Design: Stylish enough to wear on its own or as a layer, making it a versatile addition to your outdoor wardrobe.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: While the Ewedoos Rash Guard offers exceptional protection and comfort, some users might find the sizing a bit challenging, so be sure to consult the size chart carefully.
      Price Range: 30$-45$

      #4 TACVASEN Women's UPF 50+ Shirts 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Sun Protection Shirt

      Overview: Elevate your outdoor game with the TACVASEN Women's UPF 50+ Shirt. This 1/4 zip long sleeve sun protection shirt is a fusion of modern design and superior sun-blocking technology, making it an essential piece for any outdoor activity.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Maximum Sun Protection: Rated UPF 50+, it effectively blocks out harmful UV rays.
      • 1/4 Zip Design: Offers versatility in styling and ventilation, adapting to changing temperatures with ease.
      • High-Quality Fabric: The shirt’s fabric is not only sun-protective but also comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking.
      • Stylish and Functional: Its sleek design and practical features make it suitable for a wide range of outdoor and casual settings.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: The zipper mechanism, while adding style and functionality, may require careful handling to prevent malfunctions with frequent use.
      Price Range: 25$-40$

      #3 Palmyth Womens UPF 50+ Fishing Shirts Sun Protection Long Sleeve T-Shirt

      Overview: The Palmyth Women's UPF 50+ Fishing Shirt is the ultimate blend of comfort, style, and protection for the outdoor enthusiast. Tailored for women who fish, hike, or simply enjoy the outdoors, this long sleeve T-shirt offers top-notch sun protection without compromising on style.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Premier Sun Protection: Achieve UPF 50+ protection against the sun’s harmful rays.
      • Breathable Fabric: Keeps you cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days.
      • Quick-Dry Technology: Ensures you stay dry and comfortable, whether on the water or on land.
      • Versatile Style: Its classic design makes it a versatile choice for any outdoor activity or casual wear.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: While highly rated for its protection and comfort, the shirt’s fit may vary, so it’s recommended to check sizing carefully before purchase
      Price Range: 35$-42$

      #2 Chipteeamz American Flag Universe patriotic Blue Customize Name UV protection UPF 30+ long sleeves fishing shirt for women

      Overview: Showcase your patriotic spirit with the Chipteeamz American Flag Universe shirt. This custom-designed, long-sleeve fishing shirt not only offers UPF 30+ UV protection but also allows you to add a personal touch with your name, making it a unique addition to your outdoor apparel.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Customizable Design: Add your name to this patriotic-themed shirt for a personal touch.
      • Effective UV Protection: With UPF 30+ protection, enjoy moderate sun safety during your outdoor adventures.
      • Lightweight and Comfortable: The fabric is designed for all-day comfort, whether you’re fishing, hiking, or celebrating.
      • Distinctive Style: Stand out with its unique American Flag Universe design, blending patriotism with outdoor functionality.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: The UPF 30+ rating, while offering solid protection, is lower than some other options, suggesting the need for additional sun safety measures during prolonged exposure.
      Price Range: 25$-45$

      #1 Chipteeamz Bass Fishing Pink Camo custom Women Fishing Shirts You say girls can't fish, I say watch me

      Overview: Challenge stereotypes and embrace your passion for fishing with the Chipteeamz Bass Fishing Pink Camo Custom Shirt. This bold statement piece not only protects you from the sun with its UPF protection but also celebrates female anglers with style and confidence.
      Features and Benefits:
      • Empowering Design: The “You say girls can't fish, I say watch me” slogan is a powerful statement of empowerment and passion for fishing.
      • Customizable and Protective: Personalize your shirt with UPF protection, ensuring both style and safety are covered.
      • Comfortable Wear: Made with lightweight and breathable fabric, it’s designed for long hours on the water.
      • Unique Camo Pattern: Stand out with the distinctive pink camo design, a stylish twist on traditional fishing gear.
      Limitations and Disadvantages: As a statement piece, it may not appeal to all, but it's perfect for those looking to make a bold statement about their love for fishing.
      Price Range: 25$-45$

      How To Choose A Fishing Shirt To Fit Your Needs 

      When selecting the best fishing shirts, there are several key features to consider to ensure comfort, protection, and functionality while on the water. Here's a list of what to look for:

      • Material: Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics that wick away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Materials like polyester, nylon, or blends are popular for their quick-drying properties and durability.
      • UPF Protection: Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates how well the fabric blocks UV rays. A shirt with UPF 30 to 50+ rating is ideal for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays during long hours of fishing.
      • Ventilation: Good ventilation is crucial to keep you cool. Look for shirts with mesh-lined vents at the back or underarms to allow air flow and help regulate body temperature.
      • Long Sleeves: While short sleeves might seem cooler, long sleeves offer better sun protection. Many fishing shirts have roll-up sleeves with tabs to secure them when you want shorter sleeves.
      • Quick Dry: Since you’re likely to get wet while fishing, a quick-dry feature is essential. This means the shirt can dry rapidly after being soaked, keeping you comfortable throughout the day.
      • Odor Resistance: Fabrics treated for odor resistance can help prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes, keeping you fresher longer, which is especially useful on multi-day trips.
      • Pockets and Loops: Functional pockets and gear loops are handy for storing small items like lures, line cutters, or sunglasses. Some shirts come with specialized pockets and loops for specific fishing needs.
      • Comfort and Fit: Look for a comfortable fit that allows for a full range of motion. A shirt that’s too tight may restrict movement, while too loose may interfere with your fishing activities.
      • Durability: Consider the shirt’s construction and material strength, especially if you fish in harsh environments. Reinforced stitching and abrasion-resistant materials add to a shirt’s longevity.
      • Style and Color: While functionality is key, the style and color of the shirt also matter. Light colors reflect the sun and are cooler to wear in hot weather. However, choose a color and design that you like and feel good wearing.

      Selecting a fishing shirt with these features can greatly enhance your comfort and performance on the water. Whether you’re a casual angler or a professional, investing in high-quality fishing apparel is a wise choice for your outdoor adventures.

      Buyer’s Guide 

      After going through all the shirts for both men and women in the market, it’s time that we take a look at the buyer’s guide for finding the perfect fishing shirt! Whether you're a seasoned angler or just dipping your toes into the waters of fishing, picking the right shirt is more important than you might think. It’s not just about throwing on any old tee; a good fishing shirt can significantly enhance your experience on the water for both men and women.

      Choosing the best fishing shirt involves considering a range of factors that go beyond just style. But don't worry, we're here to navigate you through this sea of options! 

      For your convenience, I have listed all the main features that you need to look for in the best fishing shirts to suit your needs. From breathability and UV protection to durability and pocket placement, we've got all the essentials covered in our guide.

      Let's dive in and explore what makes a fishing shirt truly great, ensuring your next fishing adventure is nothing short of spectacular!

      What to Look for in the Best Fishing Shirts?

      Material Matters: First up, let’s talk about what your fishing shirt is made of. You want something that feels like a second skin, right? Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics such as polyester or nylon. These materials are fantastic because they don’t just let your skin breathe; they wick away moisture (sweat, spray, you name it!) and dry super fast. Have you ever been caught in a sudden downpour? With a quick-dry shirt, you’ll be comfortable again in no time.

      Sun, Meet Your Match: Next, let's consider the sun. It’s not just about getting that glorious vitamin D; too much sun can be a bad thing. That's where UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) comes into play. A shirt with UPF 30 to 50+ is your armor against those harmful rays, letting you fish longer and healthier. Think of it as sunscreen you can wear—but don't forget to slather some on your exposed skin, too!

      Cool as a cucumber: Ever felt like you’re fishing on the surface of the sun? We’ve all been there. Ventilation is your best friend on those scorching days. Look for shirts with mesh vents, ideally in the back or underarms. These act like your personal cooling system, letting air flow in and out and keeping you chilled while you reel in those big catches.

      Sleeve Length: Long sleeves on a hot day might sound counterintuitive, but they're actually your secret weapon against the sun. Plus, many fishing shirts have this nifty feature where you can roll up the sleeves and secure them with a tab. It’s like having two shirts in one—long for protection, rolled up for cooling.

      Drying Off - The Quick Dry Feature: Getting wet is part of the fun, but walking around in soggy clothes? Not so much. That’s why quick-dry technology is a must-have. It pulls moisture away from your body, making the shirt dry off at lightning speed. This means more comfort and less shivering.

      Say Bye to Stink - Odor Resistance: Let’s face it, fishing can get a bit fragrant. Whether it’s sweat or the smell of your catch, an odor-resistant shirt can keep you feeling fresh all day. These shirts have special treatments to combat bacteria, so you can go from boat to barbecue without a second thought.

      Pockets and Loops - The Handy Helpers Pockets and Loops might seem like small details, but they're actually game-changers. Need a place for your sunglasses? Check. How about a loop for your fishing tool? Got it. The right pockets and loops mean you keep essential gear handy, so you can focus on fishing, not fumbling with your stuff.

      Comfort and Fit - The Perfect Pair: A great fishing shirt should feel like it was made just for you. It needs to be roomy enough to cast a line comfortably but not so baggy that it gets in the way. A good fit means you move freely and look good doing it. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look good?

      Built to Last - Durability: The best fishing spots aren’t always easy to get to. That’s why you need a shirt as rugged as your adventures. Look for durable materials and strong stitching. A shirt that can stand up to snags and scrapes means you can go wherever the fish are biting, worry-free.

      Express Yourself - Style and Color: Last but definitely not least, let’s talk style. Your fishing shirt should reflect your personality, whether that’s laid-back and classic or bold and bright. Light colors are great for beating the heat, but don’t be afraid to stand out with a vibrant pattern or hue. After all, fishing is not just a sport; it’s a statement.

      And there you have it, folks – your comprehensive guide to finding the best fishing shirt. Remember, the right shirt not only looks good but also makes you feel good, protecting you from the elements so you can enjoy every moment on the water. Now, with this knowledge in your tackle box, you’re ready to make a splash in style and comfort. Happy fishing, and here’s to catching the big one in your perfect fishing shirt!

      Tips For Maintaining Your Fishing Shirts

      UV Protection: While fishing shirts offer UV protection, remember that over time and washings, this shield may weaken. Look for products that can replenish UV-blocking capabilities to maintain sun safety.

      Bleach-Free: Protect your fishing shirts by avoiding bleach. This harsh chemical can degrade fabric and compromise any water-resistant or UV-protective coatings.

      Softeners: Steer clear of fabric softeners, which can coat fibers and diminish the fabric's ability to wick moisture away from your body, reducing comfort and performance.

      Air Dry: Whenever possible, air dry your fishing shirts to prevent shrinkage and maintain the integrity of the fabric. Direct sunlight can help eliminate bacteria and bad smells, but excessive exposure might fade the colors over time.

      Low Heat: If you must use a dryer, select a low heat setting to safeguard the fabric from damage. High temperatures can weaken fibers and shorten the lifespan of your fishing shirts.Rinse After Use: After a day on the water, give your fishing shirt a quick rinse with fresh water to remove salt, sand, and any fishy residue. This helps prevent odor and prolongs the life of the fabric.

      Check for Stains: Before washing, spot-treat any stubborn stains with a mild detergent or stain remover. Just be sure to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to avoid discoloration. 

      Rinse After Use: After a day on the water, give your fishing shirt a quick rinse with fresh water to remove salt, sand, and any fishy residue. This helps prevent odor and prolongs the life of the fabric.

      Handle with Care: Avoid wringing or twisting your fishing shirt, as this can stretch out the fabric and cause it to lose its shape. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water before air drying.

      Store Properly: When not in use, store your fishing shirts in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. Hanging them up or folding them neatly will help prevent wrinkles and maintain their shape.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      To help you navigate the world of fishing apparel with ease, let’s tackle some frequently asked questions with clarity and depth:

      Q: How do I ensure I'm buying the right size of fishing apparel?

      A: Start by checking the brand’s sizing chart, but don’t stop there. Look for customer reviews for real-world insights on fit, especially if the brand's sizes run large or small. And remember, fishing apparel should offer freedom of movement, so when in doubt, lean towards a slightly looser fit.

      Q: Can I use my fishing shirts and hoodies for other activities?

      A: Absolutely! The best fishing apparel is versatile. Those same UV protection and moisture-wicking features make your gear perfect for hiking, kayaking, or even a casual day out. A moisture-wicking hoodie, for instance, is as much at home on a morning jog as it is on a boat.

      Q: What’s the best way to wash and care for my fishing apparel?

      A: To keep the tech features intact, follow the care label closely. Generally, washing in cold water and air drying are the best ways to preserve the fabric’s integrity and technical features. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach, as they can degrade the material's performance over time.

      Q: How important is UV protection in fishing apparel?

      A: Incredibly important. Prolonged exposure to the sun without protection can lead to skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. Apparel with a UPF 50+ rating blocks out 98% of UV rays, acting like sunscreen that you don’t have to reapply. Think of it as a shield that keeps you safe under the sun while you focus on the thrill of the catch. If you're interested in this topic, read our blog post "15 Things You Need To Know About UV Protection in Fishing Shirts" for all the details.


      Choosing the right fishing shirt is an important step in raising your casting adventures, ensuring comfort and protection as you go into the great outdoors. When choosing the best fishing clothes, consider the fit and function of your fishing style, the climate challenges you'll face, and the essential features that meet your fishing needs. This guide seeks to set the foundation for you to find a fishing shirt that not only suits the way you look but also fits your fishing lifestyle, resulting in better experiences on the water. Whether you're battling the sun's rays or the unpredictable weather, the right fishing shirt can help. Set off on your next fishing trips with confidence, knowing you've made a long-lasting decision.