Long Island

Long Island is an island in the southeastern part of the state of New York. Fish in Long Island Sound is abundant. Wherever you are on “the island”, the bays and creeks towards are full of inshore favorites and the Atlantic Ocean is on angler’s doorstep.

There are many different ways to catch fish in Long Island, just depending on what you want. 

Long Island Surf Fishing

The bays on the north side of the island allow you to get right up close to the fish and the south shore is where you will find the best shallow creeks. 

Long Island Pier Fishing 

Fish from any pier on Long Island, you will be successful. Captree State Park is again a hotspot for pier fishing, with more than 4 fishing piers. 

Long Island Freshwater Fishing

We usually think the island only has saltwater fish but this is not true on Long Island. It has plenty of options for anglers to go fly fishing. Lake Rankonkonen is the largest one on the island where has various numbers of fish like Trout, Perch, Largemouth Bass, Catfish, and Panfish.

What type of fish can I catch on Long Island?

 Long Island is a 365 – day fishery a year, so there is always fish ready to take your bait when you go fishing. 


Winter and Summer Flounder, Yellowtail Flounder all swim these shallow waters. Between April and September is the right time to schedule your Long Island Sound flounder fishing trip. This delicious fish is seafood favorites all along the East Coast.


Seabass are hooked at any fishing position and the fishing season is from June to the end of December. Seabass is a worldwide table enjoyable fish.


Cod is one of the most searched creatures in the Atlantic and Cod's home is near the shore in the north of Long island

Striped Bass

The most coveted fish on Long Island, however, is the Striped Bass. People call it Rockfish. Striped Bass fishing is so popular on Long Island. You can start to go fishing to catch them from April onwards.


Tuna fishing in the Atlantic is a favorite target for Long Island anglers. The New York State’s record Bluefin Tuna was caught in Montauk, with an incredible 1971 pounds. Yellowfin Tuna is one of the fish and  a part of the offshore fishing scene during the summer months. They don’t grow only for size, also their food quality is so good. Tuna is the inspiration for us to create beautiful, quality fishing shirts. Visit these products and we look forward to accompanying you on your fishing trips. 

If you go further, where the water is deeper and you will have more types of fish which will be your dinner. Mahi Mahi often rub shoulders with Tuna and Kingfish with Amberjack often come close to shore. 

Long Island Fishing Places

Fire Island

Striped bass, bluefish, and fluke are the most searched after species and there are plenty of places to fish. Striped Bass, Bluefish and Flounder are the most popular species caught. Fire Island is a thin Atlantic Ocean barrier island off the southern shore of Long Island, New York and the only area of the island can go by car. 

Robert Moses State Park 

Robert Moses State Park is located on the westernmost tip of Fire Island. It has a popular fishing pier where anglers can go fishing and hook Fluke and Bluefish.


It’s the perfect place for angling Striped Bass. Shark and Tuna also are targets Montauk brings to anglers.