Fishing In Orange Beach

 Orange Beach in Alabama is a famous town even though it is a small one. It has white beaches, blue waters, and the most important thing that makes it become known for being the best fishing grounds in the world. It’s also been nicknamed the “Red Snapper capital of the world”.

Orange Beach is the perfect fishing destination. It has the Perdido Pass where  the Gulf of Mexico and inshore waters meet, Alabama’s nearshore reef system and the deep waters of the Gulf. 

What types of fish can I catch when fishing in Orange Beach?

Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel 

They are two species of the most popular catches belong to the Mackerel family. King Mackerel usually bring an intense fight with anglers so the fish have high regard from anglers.  You will see Mackerel try to feed on some bait from spring to summer.

Cobia and Amberjack 

Cobia and Amberjack are angler’s favorite nearshore and offshore species. People can catch them in the reefs or troll the open waters of the Gulf, especially in season.  Early spring is peak Cobia time, they take a round the Gulf to search for food and good habitants. Amberjack are more found from April through October nearshore. 

Redfish and Speckled Trout

Redfish and Speckled Trout are hot fish and they swarm the shallow waters of Orange Beach. They hit their peak in fall and winter. Redfish and Speckled Trout provide the best meat when they are smaller, so it is a good fish for anglers practice. 

Groupers and Snappers

Snappers and Groupers are kings who control the fishing nearshore. Mangrove Snapper is available inshore, while White, Lane and Vermilion Snapper follow your bait along the reefs and in the deep.

In late summer and fall, fishers can see Gad Grouper and Red Grouper, Scamp Grouper show up in year except February and March. You also look at a Goliath Group which is big. 

And More…!

Blue and White Marlin are always a dream of many anglers. They stand at the top of the bucket lists and if you want your dream become true soon, take a fishing trip and go to Orange Beach in late summer or early fall. Along your trip, Wahoo, Yellowfin or Blackfin Tuna will have amazing performances in front of your boats. 

Surf Fishing in Orange Beach

You don’t want to catch fish, you also need to spend the time with family, friends on holiday or weekend, so surf fishing in Orange Beach is definitely a good decision. The beach is full of sand, and the ocean is full of fish.

Pier fishing in Orange Beach

Pier fishing saves time for you, just google and search best pier fishing in Orange Beach and rest of work is focusing all your attention on fishing. You will have plenty of chances to land a prized creature like Pompano, Flounder.

Hot spot for fishing in Orange Beach

If you are planning to go to Orange Beach, we have some hot destinations which you should not miss out on. 

Perdido Pass 

It is a wonderful location for fishing to all anglers. From Flounder, Trout, Mackerel or Redfish, Pompano and more… anglers can find all in this place. 

Cotton Bayou Public Pier

Gulf State Park Pier

Bayou St. John

Oil Rigs

Artificial Reefs

All these places are hot spots for fishing.

Fishing Tournaments in Orange Beach

In May: Orange Beach Billfish Classic

In June: Flora – Bama Rodeo, Orange Beach Open

In July: Blue Marlin Grand Championship 

It is not surprising to know that Orange Beach is a year – round fishing destination. The good time to come fishing in Orange Beach is unlimited. Let’s come and get one target in your fishing bucket lists. 

This small town is calling you to explore it. Take the trip and you will see the variety of the world’s biggest fisheries.