Fishing On Lake Erie

With more than 7 000 miles of rivers and streams, and 50,000 lakes and ponds, Ohio definitely has some of the best fishing opportunities for anglers. Lake Erie is one of the most popular fishing lakes in Ohio and it provides anglers with one of the best experiences in the state. Anglers can hook numerous fish species like Crappie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Saugeye and Perch. It is a huge lake, so reading more information about it is necessary for you.

Lake Erie is the 4th largest Great Lake in the US and the 11th largest by surface area in the world. Beside bordering Ohio, the lake has borders with Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York too. Ohio has the longest coastline on Lake Erie of any state. From the northern Ohio, you can go to Lake Erie fishing from Port Clinton or Geneva on the Lake. 


Types of fish in Lake Erie 

Smallmouth bass

As we know, Smallmouth bass are indigenous to the Great Lakes so it is common in Lake Erie. Rocky areas or in fast – flowing streams are places to catch Smallmouth Bass easily. Despite its small size, light weight in between 1 to 2 pounds, Smallmouth Bass are agile and have fast, great jumpers. They became a desirable target for fishermen and the best panfish on the dish you can get. They prefer cooler waters, so the best time to go Lake Erie is in fall and spring. 


The species is native to Lake Erie and live bait fishing is the most attractive for Walleye. Night or when the weather is overcast or the water is turbid are the best time for fishing Walleye. Because they have a light – gathering layer to help them see in scarcely lit, they prefer feeding in murky waters, they have  edge over their prey. 

Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch are popular freshwater fish in North America, especially in the Great Lakes. Anglers can fish them easily year – round in Lake Erie. Worms, small minnows, clams and crickets are favorite baits of Yellow. Their size is normally between 4 and 12 oz and is good for fly fishers.

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Tops fishing spots on Lake Erie 

Toledo is an Ohio city at the western tip of Lake Erie. Walleye and Yellow Perch fishing on Lake Erie located very close to Toledo,Ohio. Fish aboard a 30 foot inboard powered boat, You  can go Trolling, cast or drift , that way you have good conditions and you have the best day of catching fishing. Toledo has Maumee Bay State park which is one of the best Lake Erie beaches for you to go surf fishing.

Cleveland is in Cuyahoga County in the northeastern part of Ohio and it sits right on the southern shore of Lake Erie, providing visitors with plenty of angling opportunities. Anglers can go fishing there year round. Perch, Smallmouth Bass, White Bass, Walleye, and freshwater Drum are popular on the water. Because most fish are active during low light conditions so you should plan fishing early and late in the day for the most productive catches. You should remember regulations, fish length and daily possession limits when going fishing.

Port Clinton is a city in the county seat of Ottawa County, located at the mouth of the Portage River on Lake Erie, about 44 miles east of Toledo. In the waters, Catfish, Northern Pike and Rainbow Trout swim. Yellow Perch and Smallmouth Bass are also on the list fish need to catch too. But Walleye are the most beloved and plentiful fish in Port Clinton. Many fishermen come here to join the biggest Walleye of their lives from spring to fall. They are a real and interesting challenge to catch. 

The  Bass islands produce good Bass, Perch and Walleye. The Bass islands is a busy place in the summer due to boats which tourists and fishermen sit on to enjoy their trips. South Bass island is a favorite spot for fishing in the spring. There is a nice L – shaped fishing pier at South Bass island state park where anglers  fish well, especially early and late in the day. But the middle and North Bass islands are not fished much. 

Sandusky Bay is a perfect place to go fishing and boast excellent fishing opportunities. Walleye gets the most attention in Sandusky Bay, come to the city in late spring and summer, you will have amazing Walleye fishing trips. Sandusky Bay has a good population including Channel Catfish, Yellow Perch and Smallmouth Bass. Remember to bring your Ohio fishing license and if you want to go further, make sure to bring your passport to go to Canadian waters.

In the waters of Catawba island, you can fish Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Rainbow Trout and Walleye. Whatever you are looking for : Walleye, Bass, Muskie, Catfish and more you will find in waters of Catawba island.  Anglers can find fishing piers at state parks like Catawba island State Park.

Kelleys island is  the largest one in the American Lake Erie islands. The Glacial Grooves are a popular attraction as is fishing. The waters north of Kelleys island attract Perch anglers with the best catches .