Texas Slam

You are an angler and enthusiastic about going fishing. Then one day, you hear this word “Texas slam” and feel confused about what you just know. By reading this article , we will try to tell you as much knowledge as we know about Texas Slam.

In Texas, the big 3 Speckled, Redfish and Flounder are the most popular game species available to the coastal bay anglers. If you are good enough, lucky enough or work hard enough, you can catch all three in a day. That’s a Texas Slam.

Redfish, Flounder and Specks are the top three species that anglers target during these fall months. Here are shirts which have a Texas Slam, and will accompany with you in a conquest Texas Slam. 


Why is fall the time to get your rods and reels ready?

Take a look at the top species of the season and where to find them: Fall migrations in Texas

Redfish: Redfish are easily identifiable due to their collective bronze reflection which gives the water above a pinkish hue. You can find them migrating from the bays of the Gulf Coast to the Gulf in such large number that the water appears to have a red – tint. Anglers will sight fish during the fall, keeping an eye on the surface of the water for the back or tail of the Redfish. They’re also present throughout Galveston, Freeport, the Aransas and Corpus Christi Bays. 

Flounder: All Flounder are coastal fish, but can sometimes be found in deeper waters. October is the right time to schedule your Texas flounder fishing trip. They move to the Gulf at the first sign of colder temperatures. You will see large groups of Flounder making their way through the inlets if a harsh cold front moves through the area. Both eyes being on the same side of its body, these fish are not very clever.

Speckled Trout:  Trout are by far the easiest portion of the slam. While September and October are great months for the Redfish and Flounder, the month of November is all about the Trout. This is when they start to show up in good numbers as they move towards a second spawning season. 





Redfish: Limit it three per day, 20-inch minimum and 28-inch maximum length


For saltwater anglers, the minimum length for flounder has been changed from 14 to 15 inches for this year and a closure from Nov. 1-Dec. 15 has been set for 2021.


there is no minimum length and daily bag limit = 5 trout in any combination. For rainbow and brown trout, length limit is a 12-18 inch slot. Trout 12 inches and less or 18 inches or greater in length may be retained.


Inshore anglers often set their sights on catching a “Texas Slam”. This achievement is marked by catching each of the traditional “Big 3” – Redfish, Speckled Trout and Flounder”- in a single session. Besides, in water of Lower Laguna Madre, fishermen substitute Snook for Flounder to complete what is known as a “South Texas Slam”.