Pier Fishing In California


Fishing is one of the top sports in US. California is perfect for fishing. It has warm temperatures year – round and an amazing 800 – mile – long coastline. Fishing in California on public piers is free. There are many fishing piers in California which offer anglers good places to hook without a boat or a California fishing license. Below are California fishing piers.

Name of Pier 


What fish can you catch? 

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica 

Jacksmelt, Bonito, Mackerel, Corbina

Malibu Pier 


Corbina, Bonito, Mackerel, Surfperch, Jacksmelt

Oyster Point Fishing Pier

South San Francisco 


Brisbane Fishing Pier


Sculpin, Surfperch, Staghorn

Pacifica Fishing Pier


Surfperch, White Croaker

Fort Point Fishing Pier

San Francisco 

Surfperch, Staghorn Sculpin

San Leandro Fishing Platform 

San Leandro 

Staghorn Culpin 

Huntington Beach Pier


Corbina, Mackerel

Newport Pier

Newport Beach

Jacksmelt, Bonito Mackerel, Corbina

Ocean Beach Fishing Pier

San Diego 

Bass, Mackerel, Topsmelt

Manhattan Beach Pier

Bonito, Mackerel, Jacksmelt, Corbina 

Port San Luis Pier

Avila Beach

White Croaker, Jacksmelt, Perch, Mackerel

Capitola Wharf


Jacksmelt, Perch, Mackerel

Paradise Beach Fishing Pier


Surfperch, Staghorn Sculpin

San Clemente Pier

San Clemente

Croaker, Mackerel, Topsmelt

Balboa Pier 

Newport Beach

Bonito, Corbina, Surfperch, Jacksmelt 

Antioch Pier

San Joaquin River

Catfish, Striped Bass 

Dana Point Pier

Dana Point

Corbina, Bonito, Jacksmelt, Surfperch 

Venice Fishing Pier

Venice Beach 

Halibut, Cackerel 

Imperial Beach Pier

Imperial Beach 

Bass, Halibut, Croakers, Mackerel 

Pismo Beach Pier

Pismo Beach

Perch, Mackerel, Jacksmelt

Cayucos Pier


Pacific Mackerel, Jacksmelt, White Croaker

Redondo Beach Fishing Pier

Redondo Beach

Halibut, Jacksmelt, Silversides 

Gaviota Pier

Santa Barbara

Corbina, Bonito, Mackerel, Surfperch

Seal Beach Pier

Seal Beach

Halibut, Croaker

Jenner Visitor Center


Striped Bass, Steelhead, Topsmelt

Ventura Pier


Bonito, Corbina, Mackerel, Jacksmelt

Point Benicia Fishing Pier


Flounder, Bullhead

Here’s some news you need to know about pier fishing in California. where you can get your rod wet without purchasing a California fishing license. 

You don’t need to have a license to fish off the pier in California, even though you have to follow that bag limits and size restrictions. And you can not use more than two rods and lines when fishing from a pier in California.

In southern California, you can see Halibut, California Corbina, as well as Barracuda, Calico Bass, and Mackerel. To the north, Rockfish, Sharks, California Halibut, Surfperch and Jacksmelt are popular.

We have a detailed guide about pier fishing in California below.

1/ Redondo Beach Fishing Pier

Open : 24 hours

It is the oldest and the most popular pier fishing in California. There are about 4 million people who visit the pier every year, a number that makes us feel surprised. Halibut, Mackerel and Jacksmelt are the most caught and sometimes, you can have Barracuda in your basket. A lot of space for angler to get around the pier due its horseshoe shape. It has its own parking lot.

2/ Santa Monica Pier

Open : from 6am to 10 pm

The pier is 2000 – foot – long and has two decks. The lower deck is a place for fishing, the upper one has shops, food stands and an amusement park. At the local shop at the end of the pier, where you can buy bait, tackle and are you ready to hook White Seabass, Leopard Shark and Stingrays?

3/ Newport Beach Pỉe

Open : from 5am to 12am 

It is located in one of California’s most attractive coastal towns and it is 1000 – feet long into the Pacific.You can catch popular species such as Halibut, White Seabass, Mackerel. 

4/ Santa Cruz Wharf Pier

Open: from 5am to 2pm

At 2745 feet, the Santa Cruz Wharf is one of the largest piers on the entire West Coast so anglers can go fishing in deeper waters than other fishing piers in California.

You can get good angling everywhere in the pier, Skate and Flounder are found good number in the first part of the pier, Rockfish, Lingcod, Mackerel and Salmon show up a lot at eh end of the pier and the midway section of the pier is home of Halibut, White Croaker, Surfperch.

5/ Huntington Beach Pier

Open : from 5am to 12am

Huntington Beach Pier is the most beautiful pier in the state. Standing on the pier, you can see the Pacific, Catalina Island, and Long Beach. It is over 100 years old and 1850 – foot – long pier. Anglers come to the pier to get Sand Bass, White Croaker and at the end of the pier, you can see Mackerel and Bonito. Halibut is a great spot to have it for dinner.

With over 800 miles of coastline, there are plenty of public piers to fish from in California.