Alabama Fishing License

Who is required a Michigan Fishing License?

Whether you are on your own to go fishing in waters of the Gulf and Mobile Bay, or on a fishing charter to go fishing on rivers and lakes, you are between 16 and 64 years old, so you need to buy a fishing license.  With the fishing license , you can go fishing in any freshwater and saltwater around the state. Before grabbing your rod and reel, you need to have an Alabama fishing license.

Exceptions to Michigan Fishing License

Children age 16 and under.

Residents over the age of 65.

Alabama residents visit home on military leave.

Alabama resident fishing from a local bank in your county.

Non resident college students between the ages of 17 and 23

Note: you don’t need to buy a license if you go fishing with an Alabama saltwater guide or charter.  In freshwater, you have to bring the license even though you go with a guide service.

Where can I buy the Fishing license?

1/ You can buy it by visiting any of the local government offices: county’s probate office, the license commissioner’s office, State park locations.

2/ Or an outdoor sporting goods retailer or a tackle shop in the area.

When purchasing your license as a resident, you need to present the following requirements:

A valid Alabama Driver’s License.

A valid Alabama ID Card ( issued by the Secretary of State).

Alabama Fishing License cost

By Law,  You need to provide for your residency any of these paper by

+ a valid Alabama driver’s license

+ Non driver’s ID card

+ A utility bill of the last 3 months with a mailing address

+ Health insurance card with the address

+ Telephone calling cards with the address

+ Copy of school registration for non – driving students


Type of License

Validity and Condition

Fee for Resident/ Fee for Non resident


One year ( from 1st Sep – 31st August ) Privileges of Wildlife Heritage License

$13.30 / $51



One year (from 1st Sep – 31st August )

$23.35 / $49.95

Saltwater 7 – day trip

Valid for 168 consecutive hours

$9.8 / $27.7

Freshwater Commercial

One year (from 1st Sep – 31st August )

$100 / N A

Freshwater Fishing License ( lifetime)

Lifetime (fees depends on angler’s age)

$168.05 - $279.55 / N A

Saltwater Fishing License (Lifetime)

Lifetime (fees depends on angler’s age)

$279.55 - $390.95 / N A

State lakes Fishing License

One day ( only in WFF Division owned State Lake)

NA / $7.25

Discounted Licenses

The table below shows the prices for residents and non-residents who are either partially or totally disabled, including military veterans

License Type


Cost for Resident

Cost for Non- resident

Physically Disabled

Saltwater Fishing

Event (up to 20

disabled guests)

3 days



Disabled Freshwater and Saltwater

Fishing License

(totally disabled)




Veteran’s Appreciation

(20% disabled

or more)

Freshwater License




Free Fishing Day

Each year, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources designates a “Free Fishing Day” for the public to fish recreationally in public waters without a fishing license. It takes place during Alabama’s Red Snapper season, on the second Saturday of June.

All proceedings from Alabama fishing license sales go towards the conservation and protection of the state’s marine wildlife, as well as education about its natural resources.