Fishing In Long Beach


Long Beach is located only 30 minutes from Los Angeles. If you are an angler, and you also like sandy beaches or vibrant surf culture on your trip, the Long Beach fishing scene is definitely attractive to you. The place also has The Port of Long Beach which adjoins neighboring San Pedro’s Port of Los Angeles. 

Long Beach has a perfect environment for fish, from rocky areas to lively kelp beds inshore to offshore.

Several beaches in Long Beach offer year round surf fisheries with several species of surf perch, corbina, halibut fish, yellowfin croaker, and other species regularly caught. The halibut fishing off Long Beach beaches is regarded as some of the best in Southern California for catching these flat gamefish.


Yellowtail – The fish are the most prized game fish in southern California waters, especially for experienced angler who enjoy tough battles rather than just catching the fish. They are caught year round at the island of Los Angeles.

Calico Bass, Sand Bass – They spawn creating clouds during the spring and summer.  Calico has to be the most well – known. Calico are native fish of California’s coastal waters, have a long life without leaving where they were born. 

Barracuda – They attack lures and baits aggressively so they bring good fighting for anglers and watchers. You can catch them primarily in the spring and summer time, but also caught year round.

Rockfish – the fish have many names are found 56 different varieties year round both along the coastline and at islands.

California Halibut - It is a good choice for your dinner to take home. Long Beach is one of the best places in California to catch Halibut fish on foot.

Yellowtail amberjack - Yellowtail amberjack are excellent deep divers so anglers should know how to do the right technique and good gear to make them knuckle down to work. The best time to go fishing is from spring through fall due to these fish prefer warmer waters. fishing.


Long Beach Fishing Spots

The fisheries in and near Long Beach are big and various. We would like to recommend some locations below.

Palos Verde Peninsula – They have cliffs and kelp that look like a habitat for fish in Catalina island. There are big quantities of Calico Bass and White Sea Bass here. 

Huntington Flats – this location offers huge schools of Sand Bass and Barracuda during the summers. You also find Yellowtail, White Sea Bass and Halibut fish. 

Catalina island – it is 22 – mile long and it is about 25 miles from Los Angeles. It has great deep waters where gamefish can be found like Tuna, Marlin, or Black Sea Bass. 

Horseshoe Kelp: Spanning roughly 10 miles, it has Calico Bass and Yellowtail, and anglers also find California Sheephead and White Seabass.



When you go fishing from public piers in California, you don’t need to have a fishing license. And Long Beach is home to some fishing piers where you can find Halibut fish, Mackerel, and Sharks. Most of the area’s piers are wonderful for fishing due to plus 1000 – feet long feet. Several piers are available to fish from in Long Beach including Cabrillo Beach Pier, Belmont Pier, and Seal Beach Pier.

Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier:  This pier spans roughly 1650’ has Halibut fish, White Seabass and Corbina. It is a good location to access deeper water without having a boat. 



With mild weather, sandy beaches, Long Beach is suitable for year - round shore fishing.  Corbina, Yellow Croaker or even Surf Perch all can be caught by fly fishing enthusiasts. 

Alamitos Bay : The quiet waters are perfect for hooking Corbina, especially Halibut fish. Anglers have many choices to go fishing from the sandy beaches or the rocky jetties.


Best time to catch fish in Long Beach

Long Beach coastal waters offer some of the finest deep sea fishing in Southern California.We give you information about marine weather for Long Beach and surrounding waters, and moon phase information is here.

Time leading up to high tide is a favorite time for good fishing. The best time for White Seabass fishing is on the new moon or around that time.

Long Beach’s inshore waters consist of rocky bottoms teeming with California Halibut and Rockfish.

This Southern California city has stunning beaches, a huge downtown port. And if you are over 16 years old, you should have a fishing license before going fishing in Long Beach. Halibut fish in Long Beach are the inspiration for us to create beautiful, quality fishing t shirts. Visit  fishing t shirt and we look forward to accompanying you on your fishing trips.