Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament


Competitive fishing is a big part of the angling community in North Carolina and the most famous is the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. It is the largest and oldest sport fishing tournament in the US, it started in 1958, when the first Blue Marlin was caught on the Crystal Coast.

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament is held in Morehead city in the second week of June, each year. The Big Rock Blue Marlin 

The tournament happens for 9 days with amazing activities. On the first day, the Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament is an expected event and it officially opens the Big Rock Blue Marlin, so people can see the wonderful skills of  women anglers.  

Morehead city, North Carolina

Anglers from the US come to North Carolina, exactly Morehead city to join a full week of angling and community celebration.

Fishing in Morehead city is amazing and every angler should try. It has many saltwater fish, Redfish in north of the city or Spotted Seatrout, Black Drum, Sheephead swim around Radio Island or great Spanish Mackerel, Cobia near Fort Macon State Park.and the most noticeable is Marlin. 

The Blue Marlin is the top deep sea game fish in the world and the current all – time record is 1,402lbs. They are famous for their impressive acrobatic stunts and they usually shake their heads strongly or sometimes leap few feet out of the water. They are a great sport fish which anglers desire to catch.

Winner on the 63rd Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament, in 2021

Cole Pirrung – 19 years old in Wakefield High School- and Widespread won in the Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament in Morehead city . It took them about 4 hours, and his team reeled in 656,5 pound Marlin and brought home more than $1.6 million.

(Big Rock photo)

 Big Rock photo 


Both anglers and non – anglers come to Morehead to enjoy 9 days of festival and fishing spectacles, some plan their vacations to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere.

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